Aadikeshava: A Telugu Action Thriller with a Stellar Soundtrack

The upcoming Telugu action thriller Aadikeshava, starring Panja Vaisshnav Tej and Sreeleela, is set to release on December 23, 2023. The film is directed by Srikanth N. Reddy and produced by Naga Vamsi S & Sai Soujanya under Sithara Entertainments & Fortune Four Cinemas banners.

The film’s soundtrack, composed by GV Prakash Kumar, has already been released to critical acclaim. The album features three songs, each with its own unique sound and appeal.

Bangaram is a romantic ballad sung by Tippu and Mamika Vinayagam. The song’s lyrics, penned by Bhuvana Chandra, express the love between a man and a woman. The song’s soothing melody and Tippu and Mamika’s soulful vocals create a truly moving experience.

Nuvvu Vijilesthey is a catchy pop song sung by Tippu and Chitra. The song’s lyrics, penned by Chandra Bose, are about the joy of being in love. The song’s upbeat tempo and Tippu and Chitra’s energetic vocals make it a surefire party anthem.

Ramuloo Ramulaa is a powerful ballad sung by Anurag Kulkarni and Mangli. The song’s lyrics, penned by Kasarla Shyam, are about the strength of the bond between a brother and sister. The song’s stirring melody and Anurag Kulkarni and Mangli’s soaring vocals create a truly epic moment.

The Aadikeshava soundtrack is a must-listen for fans of Telugu cinema. The album features a variety of genres, including romantic ballads, catchy pop songs, and powerful ballads. With its stellar soundtrack, Aadikeshava is sure to be a hit with audiences of all ages.

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