“EAGLE”: Ravi Teja Soars in a High-Octane Cinematic Thrill Ride

The much-anticipated film “EAGLE” is set to dazzle audiences with a star-studded cast led by Ravi Teja, Anupama Parameshwaran, Kavya Thapar, and others. Directed and edited by Karthik Gattamneni, the movie promises an adrenaline-fueled cinematic experience.

With T.G Vishwa Prasad as the producer and Vivek Kuchibhotla as the co-producer, the film boasts a creative narrative written by Karthik Gattamneni and Manibabu Karanam. Davzand’s music sets the tone, complemented by striking cinematography from Karthik Gattamneni, Karm Chawla, and Kamil Plocki.

The dialogue prowess of Manibabu Karanam, along with the production design by Srinagendra Tangala, adds depth to the storyline. A talented ensemble of lyricists, including Chaitanya Prasad, Kalyan Chakravarthy, and KK, contributes to the film’s emotional resonance.

Behind the scenes, talents like executive producer Sujith Kumar Kolli, co-editor Uthura, and co-director Raam Ravipati ensure a seamless execution. The technical brilliance extends to sound design by Pradeep. G, sound mix by Kannan Ganpat, and color grading by A. Arun Kumar.

Action sequences choreographed by Ram Laxman, Real Sathish, and Tomek, coupled with stylish touches from Rekha Boggarapu, promise a thrilling cinematic ride. “EAGLE” is poised to deliver an intense and captivating narrative that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Get ready for Ravi Teja to soar to new heights in this high-octane thriller.

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