Enchanting Melody of “Chellakuruvikku” from the Movie ‘Antony’

The recently released song, “Chellakuruvikku,” from the film ‘Antony’ has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts with its soulful composition and captivating lyrics. The movie, directed by the renowned Joshiy and featuring a stellar cast including Joju George, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Nyla Usha, and Chemban Vinod, boasts a musical gem courtesy of composer Jakes Bejoy.

“Chellakuruvikku” is a testament to Jakes Bejoy’s musical prowess, as he not only composed but also arranged and produced the song. The lyrics, penned by Jyothish T Kassi, add a poetic touch to the composition. The melodious voice of Kapil Kapilan brings the lyrics to life, creating a mesmerizing auditory experience.

The music production team, including Daniel Joseph Antony and Davy Suresh, contributed to the song’s rich sound, with instruments like flute, violin, guitars, bass, veena, and sitar skillfully played by talented musicians such as Subin Jerson, Embar Kannan, Sumesh Parameshwar, Haritha Raj, and Ganesh. The backing vocals by Akhil J Chand, Aruna Mary George, Anna Jakes, and Christajyothi further enhance the song’s depth.

The recording and mixing process, handled by Senthilprasad, Midhun Anand, Daniel Joseph Antony, and Maneeth Manoj in reputed studios like Mindscore Studio in Cochin and Vanajkesav Digi Audio Waves in Chennai, ensures a high-quality audio production.

The lyric video, crafted by Albichan Adhikaram, complements the song’s emotional resonance. With a team of talented individuals collaborating to bring “Chellakuruvikku” to life, this musical masterpiece promises to leave a lasting impression on audiences, making it a standout element of the ‘Antony’ movie soundtrack.

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