“Introducing the Video Song ‘Mandharam’ from the Movie ‘Anchakkallakokkan'”

Introducing the Video Song “Mandharam” from the Movie “Anchakkallakokkan”

We are excited to present the video song “Mandharam” from the movie “Anchakkallakokkan”. This beautiful song is sung by Krishna Arun, with lyrics written by Madhavan Kizhakkedath and music composed by Manikandan Ayyappa.

Song Credits

  • Song Name: Mandharam
  • Movie: Anchakkallakokkan
  • Music Composed, Arranged, and Programmed by: Manikandan Ayyappa
  • Lyrics: Madhavan Kizhakkedath
  • Singer: Krishna Arun
  • Guitars: Sarath Subrahmanian
  • Recorded at SM Studios, Kerala
  • Mixing and Mastered at M Studios, Kerala

Movie Credits

  • Starring: Lukman Avaran, Chemban Vinod Jose, Manikandan R Achari, Megha Thomas, Merin Mary Philip
  • Writer and Director: Ullas Chemban
  • Co-writer: Vikil Venu
  • Producer: Chemban Vinod Jose

Get ready to experience the magic of “Mandharam” as it takes you on a musical journey. Stay tuned for the release of the full video song and enjoy the captivating visuals and soulful music.

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