Devadoothan 4K Re-release: A Classic Malayalam Movie Returns in Stunning Quality


Devadoothan, a much-loved Malayalam movie, is back in a brand-new Devadoothan 4K version! Directed by the talented Sibi Malayil and produced by Siyad Koker under the banner of Kokers Media Entertainments, this classic film has been given a fresh look. With its captivating story, wonderful music, and excellent performances, Devadoothan is ready to win hearts all over again. The 4K re-release is a special treat for all movie lovers, young and old.

Devadoothan 4k

The Team Behind Devadoothan

Devadoothan has an amazing team behind it. The screenplay is written by Raghunath Paleri, whose storytelling has always been magical. The music, which adds a lot of emotion and depth to the movie, is composed by Vidyasagar. The beautiful lyrics are penned by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri. Santosh Thundiyil’s cinematography captures the essence of the story wonderfully, while Bhoominathan’s editing keeps the narrative smooth and engaging. The film’s costumes, designed by S B Sateeshan, add to the characters’ authenticity.

The Re-mastering Process

The 4K re-mastering of Devadoothan has been done by HY STUDIOZ, ensuring that the movie looks better than ever before. The creative visionary head, Boney Assanar, has worked hard to maintain the original charm of the film while enhancing its visual appeal. The sound has been given a fresh Dolby Atmos mix by Harinarayanan, making the audio experience immersive and rich. Selvin Varghese, the colorist, has ensured that every frame looks vibrant and true to the director’s vision.

Visual and Audio Enhancements

With the new 4K re-mastering, Devadoothan offers a visual treat to the audience. The crisp and clear images make the movie more enjoyable and bring out the details that might have been missed before. The Dolby Atmos mix studio, Sapthaa Records, has worked on the audio to provide a surround sound experience that is simply amazing. The VFX by Magazin Media has added subtle enhancements to the scenes, making the viewing experience even better.

Promotional Efforts

To promote the 4K re-release, the trailer cuts have been done by Linto Kurian, creating excitement among the fans. The titles have been designed by Shaan Ashif, giving a fresh look to the opening and closing sequences. The production controller, M Renjith, has ensured that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. PRO P Sivaprasad has been actively involved in spreading the word about this re-release, making sure that everyone knows about this exciting event.


The re-release of Devadoothan in 4K is a celebration of this classic Malayalam film. It brings back the magic of the original movie with improved visuals and sound, making it a must-watch for both new viewers and longtime fans. With the dedication and hard work of the entire team, this film is set to captivate the audience once again. Don’t miss the chance to experience Devadoothan in stunning 4K quality!

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